New internship opportunities

Site Editor Intern

Help the Flocasts team strategize, plan, and optimize site content as the site editor intern.

  • Work closely with one of the siteheads and help curate/manage their site
  • Write relevant, engaging, entertaining articles about the events being covered on the site
  • Write weekly recaps of the major events
  • Write relevant descriptions to videos that will help users and search engines crawl the content better
  • Perform basic SEO activities to some of our popular pages
  • Analyze basic site metrics to identify what content had the most impact
  • Travel to various events to assist with coverage
  • Help design homepage banners using Adobe Photoshop

Advertising Operations Intern

The Ad Operations Intern is expected to understand site functionality, knowledge of ad products available on the site, including specs, general availability and performance of ad units.

  • The ideal candidate must have experience trafficking campaigns in the online advertising industry or at least the willingness to learn it.
  • Interact with some of the best sporting brands and agencies
  • Co-ordinate with the design and sales teams to create, traffic and optimize ad tags
  • Gain experience in working with remnant ad providers and optimize eCPMs
  • Candidates with hands on experience in technologies used to support online advertising operations: ad serving & inventory applications.
  • This position requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

Web Programming Intern

We are always thinking forward here at Flocasts. Be part of the development team and work on one of our innovative web projects. Build online and mobile products that you will be proud of. Based on your current skills and interests, we have opportunities in the area of:

  • UI/UX product development for our website platform and mobile platform
  • Restful API service development
  • Video Player and encoding development using Flash/HTML5/FFMPEG
  • SQL / NoSQL database backends
  • Web Scale / Site Performance / Operational infrastructure
  • Website and User analytics

Our programmers can work the full stack from client side down to the database/servers. Depending on your projects, technologies you will be using:

  • HTML/Javascript/CSS (HTML5/CSS 3)
  • PHP, MVC Web Frameworks
  • MySQL database, MongoDB
  • Various 3rd Party API integration
  • Flash
  • Apache, Varnish, Amazon Cloud, Rackspace Cloud
  • [Fill in any other technology you think, that can help solve BIG problems]

Social Media Intern

Do you understand the importance of social media? If so, we want you! Our social media intern will take the reigns on all of our social media accounts and work with everyone at Flocasts to implement our social media strategies.

  • Refine the Flocasts Social Media Strategy
  • Leverage existing contacts that we have with Facebook to execute 3 of these features
  • Come up with a simple process to have a live feed on our facebook page
  • Establish a strong presence for each of our 4 brands (Flotrack/Flowrestling/Gymnastike/Cyclingdirt) on Facebook using an iFrame based site and our API
  • Idea is to feature 1-2 videos on Facebook a month to drive traffic to our pages
  • Increase engagement of our Facebook fans
  • Develop a mobile strategy to improve our Facebook/Twitter integration on mobile devices
  • Increase our Facebook Likes
  • Run focussed campaigns to improve it(could be in contests/give aways/content…)
  • Consolidate Metrics/Analytics
  • Give our siteheads a report each week that will help them understand the impact of what we do in social media to the traffic of the site
  • Knowledge of web programming (using our API to build content on FB) would be a big bonus

Graphic Design Intern

Love design? Can you spend hours on Photoshop or Indesign? Want to build your professional design portfolio? If the answer is yes, we would love to have you as our graphic design intern.

  • Be a part of the Flocasts Design Team. A chance for your work to be seen by almost a million people a month
  • Design homepage banners, advertising proposals and reports
  • Coordinate with siteheads/site editors to create templates that can be used for homepage banners
  • Candidates must have a good working knowledge of Photoshop/Indesign

Video Editing Intern

We are video junkies here at Flocasts. Gain skills in video production and video editing as our video editing intern.

  • Work directly with a sitehead to edit videos
  • Make interviews exciting by mixing B-Roll footage or mutliple camera angles
  • Candidates should have a good working knowledge of Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe After Effects skills will be a huge plus

Account Coordination (Sales) Intern

Take your selling skills to the next level! Become an expert in digital advertising while working with our sales team to manage clients from all the major brands around the world.

  • Help coordinate digital advertising and sponsorship sales, implementation and execution
  • Assist in the sales process from finding prospects to developing proposals and pitches
  • Help coordinate, schedule and execute digital advertising and sponsorship initiatives
  • Gain real-world experience with leading sports brands and knowledge of digital advertising