Ray Machuca – CCO

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Ray is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at FloSports. Ray started at FloSports in 2010 and is responsible for the company’s core content and special branded initiatives.

Over the past five years, Ray has developed and executed the overall creative strategy for the vision of FloSports. Ray has grown the creative operations from a solo act to a tightly integrated team of producers, directors, writers, shooters and editors.

Ray came to FloSports to bring the content and production to the next level, and he’s done just that; through smart deployment of resources, the company’s content now rivals the best in sports media.

Highlights include:

Stellar content: Once primarily UGC, FloSports’ content now rivals the best in sports media

Launching FloFilms: We now produce a feature documentary every month for each sports vertical and recently finished our first pilot television episode and feature film

Scale: What was once a group of five independent writers is now a tight-knit team of the sports’ best writers, producers and on-camera talent.

A Texas native, Ray is producing a feature film on his experience serving in Afghanistan. He currently resides in Austin with his wife and two daughters and enjoys elite fitness.

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